Mishou / animated short


Animated short, 8 min

Miniature sets + 2D animation

Far and wide, nothing but snow, ice and pleasant silence. That is, until a helicopter full of noisy tourists lands. A quick round of selfies and then they’re off again, leaving behind a heap of trash and a tiny dog which is immediately adopted by four Arctic hares. The Berlin-based collective Talking Animals returns to Generation with a humorous yet biting cinematic commentary on animal empathy and human ignorance.

by Milen Vitanov

with Vera Trajanova, Metodi Litzev

Germany / Bulgaria 2020

Without dialogue, 8’




Director Milen Vitanov

Screenplay Vera Trajanova, Milen Vitanov

Animation Milen Vitanov, Marie-Josephine Tucholski, Dalibor Rayninger

Cinematography Olaf Aue

Editing Jens Prausnitz

Music Leonard Petersen

Sound Design Michal Krajczok

Production Design Susanna Jerger

Assistant Director Vera Trajanova

Production Manager Vera Trajanova

Producers Milen Vitanov

Executive Producer Vera Trajanova

Co-producers Mina Mileva, Vesela Kazakova

Co-production Aktivist38, Sofia

ZDF/Redaktion Siebenstein, Berlin

Produced by

Talking Animals
Berlin, Germany

+49 174 4828746



World premiere Berlinele 2020, Generation

FESTIVALS and AWARDS: http://www.milen-vitanov.com/mishou.film/festivals.html


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