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"Uncle Tony" wins Best Feature Film in Rio de Janeiro

November 14, 2016

“Uncle Tony, Three Fools and the Secret Service” won its 11th international award, after being named Best Feature Film at Arquivo em Cartaz - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Arquivo!

The festival, which takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is specially dedicated to films using archive footage. The exact name of the award is Melhor Longa - "Uncle Tony, Three Fools and the Secret Service", de Mina Mileva e Vesela Kazakova.

As a result of the recognition, the winning authors Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova were given the chance to use 10 minutes of archive footage from the National archive of Rio de Janeiro for their next film.

Special thanks to the whole crew of the film, to everyone who supported it, despite the domestic controversy, to the family of the exceptional Antony Trayanov and to our friend Lora Traykova, who was in Rio to receive the award.