Short animation by: Nayden Nikolov

Year of production: 2017

Running time: 9:32


Margarit is an unusual child – instead of nose he has а marguerite flower. He lives with his Grandma in her idyllic garden-world. Life is perfect till the moment a ball lands in the garden chased by a girl with blue eyes. Blue is Margarit’s favourite colour. He has to see her again! But, as his Grandma told him, beyond the fence awaits a Monster, who plucks flowers and eats children who have flowers instead of noses. Despite the danger, Margarit chooses to go outside, inspired by the new, strange sensation, throbbing in his child’s heart.  

Life is full of twists – it turns out that the girl with the blue eyes plucks flowers. There is no doubt – the girl is the Monster and it she even has a name – Yulia!

Creative crew:

Director: Nayden Nikolov;

Screenplay: Nayden Nikolov;

Animation: Nayden Nikolov;

Editing: Nayden Nikolov;

Storyboard : Nayden Nikolov;

Music: Denitza Seraphim, Maxim Stoimenov and Mihail Yosifov; Backgrounds: Miglena Yon-Niko;

Sound design and mix: Seraphim Bidenev - Studio “Balkandji”;

Executive producer: Alexander Ugrinski

Produced by: Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova - Activist38

Supported by:

Bulgarian National Film Centre for production

Margarit and the Monster / short animated film



n e x t  w o r k


activist 38